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Special features of sports flooring


There are many kinds of floorboards, which are divided into furniture and public places depending on the place of use. Sports floor is very common in recent years. The flooring of this kind of place is stricter than ordinary furniture in terms of hardness and durability.


As long as it is a sports floor used in sports venues, there is generally no reflection phenomenon. Because its surface is specially treated, it absorbs light. As long as it is on the movement of people who do not feel eye fatigue, the texture of the floor and the color are designed according to people's eye, even if long-term staring at the eyes will not stimulate people's eyes.

The floors in the stadium are sound-absorbing and shock-absorbing, and they are mainly formed by their complex structures. The floor and the elastic cushion have a resonance chamber, similar to the design of this place, and all have a sound-absorbing effect. The material of the elastic cushion is relatively soft, such as rubber and rubber on the top, can play a good shock absorption effect.

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