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rubber floor composition and other floor analysis


As the name implies, the rubber floor is a floor made of a natural rubber, a synthetic rubber, and other polymeric materials. Butyrobenzene, high benzene, and butadiene rubber are synthetic rubbers and are products attached to petroleum. Natural rubber refers to rubber grown by artificially cultivated rubber trees. Rubber flooring is an environmentally friendly floor, because all materials are non-toxic and environmentally friendly

As a floor decoration material, rubber flooring has been popular for decades in developed countries and has been widely used. It has only just begun in our country. Floor decoration is an important part of building decoration. General floor decoration materials generally have the following types:
(1) floor paint or floor wax;
(2) Ceramic floors (various ceramic tiles, quartz bricks, etc.);
(3) Stone floor (marble, granite, rubble ground);
(4) Textile shops (hair carpets, chemical fiber carpets, etc.);
(5) wooden floor (original wood floor, composite wood floor);
(6) Synthetic floor tiles (stone floor, rubber floor, floor leather, etc.).

Comprehensive analysis of the above six types of floor decoration materials, each with different advantages and disadvantages:
1 floor paint or floor wax:
This material is applied directly to the concrete floor and is of a lower grade and is currently used less frequently.
2 Ceramic Floor Tiles:
This is currently the most widely used type of floor decoration materials in China; high, medium and low-grade ceramic floor tiles are available in the market, and they are bright and colorful, and are suitable for different grades of architectural decoration, and the price is moderate. However, the biggest weakness of tile as a ground material is poor slip resistance, and it is fragile, has a bad foot feeling, is troublesome to construct, and has poor load-bearing capacity. It is not suitable for use in areas with heavy traffic.
3 stone floor blocks:
This type of flooring is luxurious and durable. Large hotels, office buildings, hospitals, theaters, airports, train station halls and other occasions are widely used. However, its slip resistance is poor, its foot feel is not good, and its price is high, its proportion is larger, and its laying is complicated. Except for the first floor hall, the use of buildings above the second floor increases the load on the building. The relevant technical specifications expressly provide that It is prohibited to use the floor above the first floor.
In addition, some granites contain trace amounts of radioactive elements that cause radiation damage to the human body.
4 wooden floor:
Elegant and mild wood flooring, high grade, more and more people's favorite, but the single color, not moisture, water, flame-retardant, easy deformation, short life, and maintenance trouble, especially some low-quality laminate flooring, containing A lot of harmful gases, such as formaldehyde. The floor decorated with such a floor is harmful to the health of people living in the home.
5 carpet:
The wool carpet is gorgeous and elegant, but the high price is difficult to maintain, it is not wearable, it is not waterproof, and it is not fireproof. It is only suitable for use in a few high-grade occasions. The chemical fiber carpet has low price, low grade, poor environmental protection, and is not easy to clean dust and dirt. It breeds various bacteria and is not suitable for large areas.
6 Composite floor tiles:
Synthetic materials in stone plastic floor tiles, plastic floor tiles easy to wear, easy to crack, easy to pollute, less use of some occasions, the service life is not long. Synthetic leather has a shorter service life, lower grade, and less usage. The rubber elastic floor, due to its high wear resistance, high elasticity, non-slip, moisture, flame retardant, anti-static, bright color, easy laying, easy cleaning and maintenance, especially through different production processes, can be made of rubber flooring Stone, terrazzo, and wooden floor patterns are all in order. Practice has proved that rubber elastic floor effectively overcomes the unfavorable factors of other floors and is the most promising composite floor in the future.
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